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An Abundance of Katherines - John Green Fugging. Fug. Fugger. Motherfugger.Basically the number one reason I knew I would not like this book. I wanted to take a shot whenever that damn word came up so maybe I would have been so wasted it would cease to bother me.This is definitely my least favourite book by John Green. My least favourite book by anyone. I struggled to get into it, I struggled to finish it. I was rolling my eyes so often my eye sockets actually ache. I'm giving it two stars because I'm generous and I have a soft spot for John Green because this would otherwise be a 0.5 stars.When I read a book , I like to understand and care about the characters and this was not the case with An Abundance of Katherines. Colin was whiny and annoying. Hassan was supposed to be the token fat/unattractive/geeky guy to the oh-so-interesting protagonist and he was supposed to be funny or something but he was not funny at all. Because self-deprecating, fat humour is only funny until it's not and penis jokes get old really fast.Everything about this book was boring. The characters were boring. The constant use of foreign language eventually got annoying. The footnotes on each page annoyed me because they pulled me out of the story, which I was already struggling to like. Unlike other John Green books, there was no great adventure that ends with the protagonist having some sort of philosophical epiphany. There was no actual road trip. Their stay at wherever they were (I forgot) had no influence to Colin or Hassan other than the end, which I saw coming just 15 "fugs" later.If this book had been written from the perspective of TOC maybe it would have been better. I got annoyed by Colin and his random sprouts of uninteresting information. Jesus.This book just didn't do it for me.