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Revived - Cat Patrick *SPOILERS*Sigh.Double sigh.Still sighing.Lately I have been really unlucky with my book choices and it's starting to get to me.Anyway.What a disappointment!After reading Forgotten I was so pumped for this book. The blurb was intriguing and the cover so captivating, I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into my second Cat Patrick book.And boy, I should have waited!My problems with this book:- Daisy What a stupid, obsessive, self-absorbed Mary Sue. Half of the time I wanted to slap her dead. I'm tired of rolling my eyes at the dumb things protagonists do, really. So because the majority of the time she was just whining and taking up time, I'll highlight moments when I could not handle her anymore: telling Matt about Revive(ARE YOU DUMB YOU HARDLY EVEN KNOW THIS GUY AND HIS SISTER IS DYING AND YOU SHOW HIM A DRUG THAT BRINGS PEOPLE TO LIFE... EXCEPT IT CAN'T HELP HIS SISTER. JUST ARE YOU SERIOUS?) and the e-mail she sends Matt after the death of Audrey(EXCUSE ME, DAISY. DID YOU JUST SAY YOU HAVE NEVER MISSED ANYONE AS MUCH AS YOU MISS MATT BECAUSE HE ISN'T TALKING TO YOU BECAUSE HIS SISTER WHO WAS YOUR BEST FRIEND JUST DIED BUT WAIT WEREN'T YOU JUST TALKING ABOUT HOW MUCH YOU MISS AUDREY ARE YOU STUPID?). Let's just say where Matt was concerned, Daisy was nothing but a lovestruck idiot and I hate lovestruck idiots.- Matt Matt was about as interesting as drying paint. I'm tired of authors assuming that because a character is good looking and swoon-worthy, they don't need substance and personality. Because they do. Am I impressed by Matt's heroism? No. Why? Because Daisy is an idiot.- Matt/Daisy I didn't ship this. Because it was obvious and Daisy was annoying. I didn't feel the chemistry that I was meant to. All I got was Daisy drooling about Matt's ear hair or something. 3/4 of the time Matt was telling Daisy off for being an idiot, pissed off at her for being an idiot and ignoring her because he knows he doesn't need this idiot in his life but apparently he does.- Pacing/Writing I will never ever like a book with long descriptions of what a certain room looks like. It takes up too much from the pacing and we, as readers, gain nothing from it. Because we don't care. This story is 3/4 filled with Daisy's obsession with Matt, bedroom descriptions and other useless things. The only character who could have held my interest was killed off. The climax of the story was shoved in the remaining 30 pages so everything was quick, quick, resolved. No suspense, no tension, no mystery.- Plot holes How did the Revive drug come about? How does it actually work? Why was God interested in Daisy when she's as dull as brick? If these agents are so great, are you telling me they couldn't do a little research on God and had to have it done for them by a teenage brat? If God is then labelled as a murderous psychopath, are we meant to ignore that his Revive drug is supposedly a scientific breakthrough? So overall? This book had potential but sadly, it lost it.