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The Future of Us - Jay Asher, Carolyn Mackler Let me start off by saying like most people, I really enjoyed Thirteen Reasons Why. It remains one of my favourite books because of how deep and meaningful I found it. So naturally, I had to check out other Jay Asher books and wow, what a let down!My main issue with this book is that it was very shallow. The characters were vapid and the premise of the story, although a very good one, was ruined by being given to the two most immature and depthless protagonists. Emma and Josh ruined a great opportunity to really shape their future and other people's by only obsessing over how hot their future partners were. I know there are some teenagers who probably only care about this, but really Jay Asher? After writing a book that kept me awake for days thinking about the little things we do in life and how they affect us, you're going to write about a girl who's main concern is that she doesn't marry the athletic, popular guy she barely knows? Emma was just really dumb and her friends were just as bad as her. The side characters left no impression on me because they lacked substance. Josh was just as bland and hollow as a character. When he finds out his brother is gay, he cares so much that he has an internal crisis when the word gay is brought up then suddenly, he doesn't care. Because duh.. He gets to marry the hottest girl in school!What bothered me about Emma is how she gets excused for being such a bad person. She is a terrible friend and daughter but still gets showered with love. She doesn't suffer for being so self-absorbed. Plot holes or rather undeveloped ideas. There's an elephant in the room we're supposed to ignore here. And it is: why on earth does Emma's computer have access to the future. Of course, it doesn't get resolved because it's not important. What is important is that GOD DAMMIT EMMA'S FUTURE HUSBAND WENT TO HIS FAVOURITE RESTAURANT NOT EMMA'S!!!I expected an epilogue showing us 15 years later so we find out if the best friend does get pregnant or not. I also wanted to know what Josh said to Sydney and why did no one even bother to think about Tyson because he was quite promising, although typical.Nice try here, authors. It was a good idea, but maybe give this to characters who want to find out about important changes (hell if i found out Pluto wasn't a planet any more, I would research it and want to know why) instead of their goddamn relationship statuses.I could rant some more about the characters etc etc but I've covered the basics, maybe.I recommend this book to people who like books with no deeper meaning other than "get out of the friendzone because you can definitely do it!".