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Lament  - Maggie Stiefvater Maybe I'm being unfair by reviewing this book because technically I didn't finish it. I got to 120 pages then I skimmed it until I reached the end.So, spoilers and a long rant ahead!The first few pages of this book were alright. I thought I would like it and I got into it fast. Up until Dee thew up in a bathroom and met the "love of her life" then I realised she was stupid and dumb and not worth my time. And she just got worse.So Dee is vomiting in the bathroom when a hand touches her hair and "helps her". She already knows that it's not her only friend, but does she scream or react strongly? Nah. She's cool with it. And yes, you guessed it, the knight in shining amour is Luke! The blurb didn't try to hide anything so now we know of course that they will fall in love even though he's supposed to kill her and you know the rest of the YA fantasy plot.I'm skeptical of insta-love to begin with, but usually I can bear it, but this? I'm sorry, I had a hard time adjusting to the fact that Luke was lurking outside the girls' bathroom and we're supposed to not mind.So after this, Luke's personality, or lack of, kicks in and I begin to hate him. Maybe I'm a closet feminist or maybe I just realise how unhealthy YA fantasy relationships have a tendency to be. Why are these young girls so weak and suffering from existential ennui until some guy comes into their life, then suddenly they realise how great and powerful and beautiful they are. You don't need some guy, who most of the time is borderline abusive and controlling and condescending to help you realise your worth. Just because this immortal, gorgeous boy pays attention to you, it doesn't mean you should reciprocate, especially if he is a creep.So Dee, you're letting this stranger isolate you? Clearly Dee is brain dead because there are no alarm bells going off in her head.Then we get the whole Dee/Luke singing together and it's cheesy and unrealistic. Why? Because Dee is supposedly shy but apparently that is forgotten when a boy comes into her life and "brings her out of her shell". So Dee's shyness miraculously disappears when Luke is introduced.And from there you get the generic "i can't stop thinking about him" pages and then Luke just turns up outside of her house and she's cool with it because did I mention he's HOT? Yup, because remember, in YA Fantasy, be a complete psycho, creepy, stalker, murderer but as long as you're hot, you get the girl.AND two days later, they're in love.James is the token best friend who actually has the personality the protagonist and love interest lack, but of course he has to be in love with this dull Mary Sue and get hurt because she likes her men a thousand years old and murderous. That's Luke's deal. He is a murderer and Dee knows this. She gets "pissed off" because "ugh Luke you're so cute why do you have to have this little dent to your perfection, just give me a few minutes to recover then take me home ok". That's how it is. She doesn't run from him or fear her life. No. She just reacts oddly calm. Dee is strangely accepting of faeries and murderers and her telekinesis. It's so unrealistic it makes me mad. Nothing matters to her except for Luke and that is wrong and unhealthy.The plot is just what you would expect. Anything not relevant to the Dee/Luke love story doesn't get explored. Dee's best friend is in an accident and she cares so much! Until she realises Luke is in trouble too then the poor guy is ignored. It doesn't matter that James has been with her throughout her life because she isn't in love with him, so she can treat him like dirt.So you know there's angst, sexual tension, more angst, more descriptions of each other's smells until the anti-climatic ending. There is so much wrong with this book but maybe if I was 13 years old I would find it great.