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Eve - Anna Carey I liked the premise of this book. It was strange, disturbing and downright intriguing. Especially since the girls who had to go through what they had to go through were the same age as me. The writing was pretty good. There were some really vivid descriptions and it was easy to picture what this world looked like. Most of the characters were well written. I loved Arden and her name is beautiful, just like her. Although when she confessed her past, I had predicted it already, I still felt sorry for her and I sympathised with her. I fell in love with Caleb and I'll give Anna Carey props for writing a YA love interest with both good looks and personality. Caleb was a nice and sweet guy. If I decide to read the rest of the series, it would be because of him. I want to know more about the King and his story because he seems too President Snow for me.Now, stupidity takes form in this protagonist, Eve. Firstly, I know she has been indoctrinated and sheltered by her School so maybe it makes sense why she behaves a certain way but I don't think her "feelings" have much to do with School but more with her being a crappy person.Spoilers ahead!Why I think Eve should be killed off and the rest of the series written in Arden's point of view:- Her stupidity is alarming, especially for someone who is so smart the King specifically wants her genes populating the world. Eve, what were you smoking when you thought a bear was cuddly? What were you doing sneaking outside in the dead of night in a camp full of men/boys and troops looking for you? Eve, if you are a guest and you have insomnia, you suck it up and you lie in that bed until sleep comes. You don't go snooping in the cupboards looking for a radio you aren't even aware of how to use because yes, it will end badly.When Caleb says she can't stay with them for HER OWN GOOD, she's all hurt because Caleb is so selfish boohoo when actually by being there she puts everyone in danger and she's the only one who's selfish.- She is dead inside. Who leaves their best friends they've known for at least 12 years behind to suffer what they are escaping? I don't even care if they all would have been caught, it would be better if they at least knew what happened to her! She gets three people killed and it escapes her mind as soon as Caleb arrives and do you know what she says? She says she's happy. I don't know but if someone who had taken me into their home died because of me, I would spiral into depression and guilt.Eve was either raped or nearly raped. And this is one of the things she has been taught to fear at School and with good reason. But when it happens to her, she forgets and she's not traumatised by this experience. No. She cries for Caleb. I find this hard to believe.Basically, Eve is a Mary Sue. And I hate Mary Sues. I would like to read the next books in this series, but I'll only do so if I find them in the library.It would have been an excellent book if the protagonist wasn't dumb as nails and the world was better explained because this Plague and angry dogs or something is too vague and lazy. Less time on Eve yammering on about her lust for Caleb and more on how this world came about and who this King is, please.