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Playing with the Grown-ups - Sophie Dahl Honestly, I don't know what to think of this book. It was pretty bad, but I still finished it which means it at least kept me interested. It's not usually the type of book I would jump up to buy anyway, I just bought it because it was part of a 3 for £5 deal and I needed one more book. It's really just about a terrible mother's influence on her children, leading them to be messed up through their childhood. At first, the mother was cool and understandable, I could sympathise with her in a way. And Kitty was just a child who loved her mother very much regardless of what they went through because of her. I liked the side characters, like the grandparents and one of her friends. But the rest were all vapid and evil, for no reason at all. I hated the constant change of setting. It became confusing and made me unable to connect to the story as well as I could have. There were too many characters who were introduced with the illusion of them being important to the story, only to be quickly ignored. Whilst I don't mind swearing and bad language as I do say a lot of "bad words", I felt it was too much in this book. Kitty was using words that even I don't say often because of how rude they are at the age of seven.This book was too obscene a lot of times. I felt uncomfortable. What kind of a mother lets their child get away with the things Kitty did? I don't care that she was a young, single mother. She could have raised Kitty much better than she did. Their downward spiral was appalling and I wanted to slap each and every single character in this book.The ending didn't do the story line any justice either. I get that the message is that Kitty turned her life around. But did she really? We don't know that because the ending was too abrupt. The writing itself is atrocious and did this book even get edited or was it taken straight from Sophie's computer and published? Because really, how do you let the wrong usage of "then/than" and messy apostrophe uses get printed?I think I'm sticking to books within my comfort zone from now on.