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Shift - Em Bailey What did I just read?I don't know whether to laugh or cry at this book, honestly. It was a mess. It was two trains colliding over and over again yet for some reason the author expected a different outcome each time. I won't be all negative and I'll say at least I finished it so surely Em Bailey did something right, right? And there was a twist halfway that was constructed perfectly as it hit me out of nowhere and I put the book down to think about it.But straight after that, the book became a wreck.I'm also annoyed because the blurb mentions that Katie dies so you would assume it happens within the first few chapters so it can be the catalyst to what happens next. But, no. It happens halfway into the book which means there is no suspense and everything that happens to Katie doesn't really matter because she will die anyway. It has worked in other books but it didn't work here.Olive is stupidity personified. First half, she was not bad. Yes, she was whiny, blind to the obvious, unbearably pessimistic and rude. But it was not too extreme. Nice attempt(no pun intended) at keeping "the Incident" from the reader until this supposedly big reveal. But we all know what it was and Olive, seriously. SERIOUSLY, did you even think for a second that was going to work?So Miranda was a nasty piece of work of course and Olive was suspicious of her until the second half were she has a complete change of heart and forgets everything she ever thought before and even her little brother tries to remind her but like I said, she is stupid. Lanchlan or whatever his name is comes along as nothing but another cliche in YA Romance and really, Lanch there's too many guys in this genre and you did nothing for me. He has a gorgeous body and he swims but hey plot twist: he writes music and is different to other "shallow" swimmers and he for some reasons like the bland Olive because hehehe YA hehehe awkward hehehe so cute.Stereotypical characters can only mean one thing: stereotypical dramas. All these characters are one-dimensional and boring. The situations Olive finds herself in made me role my eyes and what kind of climax was that? Miranda confessing she's a shapeshifter and that's the end of the paragraph because it's supposed to be SHOCKING. Hello, just because Olive is dumb as nails it doesn't mean the readers are. WE KNOW. WE HAVE KNOWN SINCE PAGE 1. The ending was probably supposed to leave me thinking about this story and wondering what ever happens next.But you know what? I do not care.It's a shame because this book had so much potential.