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All These Things I've Done  - Gabrielle Zevin I'm giving this book 2.5 because it was slightly more than okay, but it wasn't good or great either. My opinion might change as I review it.So I finished this book in a few hours. I don't know if this is because I was bored or because it's a gripping story but as someone who's recently discovered how ok and satisfying it is to give up on books, it surely means something!I liked Annie. She had so much spunk and she was pretty badass. I liked how she took care of her family, and I love a girl who doesn't hesitate to pull the trigger if she must. There were things she said and did that were hilarious and I love how unlike most YA protagonists, I don't think she fully let her love consume her. The love-interest was cool, I guess. I feel like I don't know him much though. But I'm also glad he wasn't a love-struck idiot. We've seen too much of this in YA so it's refreshing to get characters who aren't so smitten that they drop absolutely everything including their common sense and dignity for the sake of their love. For this, their love felt more real. I can understand why they like each other.Now, the plot and world-building is weird. I don't know why this is set in the future because it doesn't seem much different from our world right now. I guess just that chocolate is illegal... I found this really cheesy and weird because really, there's an entire industry just dedicated to illegally selling chocolate. But hey, it's YA!I liked the crime/mafia aspects of the book. I wish there was more of that. And I wish there was more about what the world is like. I get that they no longer know what "OMG" means and there are vague references to how digitalised everything is(NO MORE PAPER BOOKS), but there's not much and that's annoying. What kind of world-building is this? Why not just base it on this time period then?I don't like Annie's religious beliefs because they're dumb. I'm not saying religion is dumb, but I think choosing which "rules" to follow so you don't go to hell and ignoring others, which are probably worse, is dumb. I don't really get the point of that, unless it was just for the antagonist's sake near-rape scene...if she wasn't a Catholic she probably would have slept with him Overall, I just have mixed feelings. Will I continue this trilogy? Possibly. But only if I haven't got any other books to buy.