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Fallen (Fallen #1) - Lauren Kate I know I said I had low expectations and that's because I did have low expectations but I fooled myself into thinking maybe I would like it or maybe just not hate it. I was wrong. I couldn't finish it and I wish Goodreads let you give books 0 stars because this is definitely not worth a single star. I feel bad for the other books I've given one star to because I thought they were bad but this one takes the trophy.So, why did I hate it so much? Luce is a dumb, boring, protagonist with scary stalker-tendencies yet other characters find her alluring. I knew the entire plot of this book as soon as she noticed Daniel (personally I liked Cam, even he was a complete asshole though). And I was right. It was predictable and typical YA and I would rather eat my own limbs than continue this series.Oh, did I mention it's typical YA Fantasy? Because naturally for the protagonist and the love interest to have some kind of romance the love interest must be an utter controlling douche bag to the protagonist.Girls, if he treats you like shit, walk away. Don't stay and stalk him. If he flips you off, get angry and GET THE MESSAGE THAT YOU SHOULD NOT ASSOCIATE YOURSELF WITH SOMEONE LIKE HIM. Don't wonder what YOU did to make him angry. What is wrong with these authors?Daniel is such a jerk and I don't care if it 's for Luce's on "good". But Luce is somehow aroused by bad treatment in a way that makes my skin crawl and she proceeds to stalk him. There's a party that happens and Daniel hooks up with another girl and in typical misogyny, Luce boils up with hatred for the girl because of course Daniel MUST have been forced by her. He loves me, duh. Even though he treats me like gum stuck on his shoe. She does reckless things like getting in cars with people she doesn't know and you know what? I don't even care to continue. Luce is everything I hate and more.The pointless descriptions make me mad. I hate flowery prose. It takes up too much time. The other characters never really come alive and maybe they do later on, but you know what? I DON'T CARE.Lauren Kate, so much potential in your writing, but just right now? Nope. NO.NO.