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You Against Me - Jenny Downham *SPOILERS*What a massive letdown. The cover is intriguing, the blurb is interesting the book? Not so much.I loved Before I Die, it's one of my favourite books. So I was expecting this one to be great, if not at least good and tolerable. It wasn't. I actually didn't finish this book. I stopped at 200 pages after a tedious read. The reason I stopped is because I frankly did not care about any of the characters. I didn't care what happened to them at all. Mikey and Ellie were annoying and their "love" was rushed, unbelievable, so contrived and generic. The dialogue between them was so cheesy and honestly, it made me uncomfortable.Mikey is supposed to be dealing with some anger and raw emotions over his sister, so tell me why he quickly proclaims his love for this sixteen year old girl who is the sister of the guy who is causing her sister pain? For an eighteen year old, he sure is a immature. His feelings for Ellie are just impossible. And he is really, intensely boring. His desire for revenge made him interesting for a while, if he had bashed Tom's brains out, maybe he would have had character, otherwise, he is just so bland. I thought taking care of his family would make him grow up faster but he has the mindset of a 16 year old when it comes to Ellie.I HATED the way he thought and treated other girls too. Maybe he got better, but I don't care enough to want to find out.Ellie. I didn't mind Ellie at first. That was until Mikey and that school fight. I was appalled at the nasty things she said and I don't care who started the fight. Her behaviour afterwards with hiking her skirt up and sauntering off to meet some guy she didn't even know? That was just really dumb and by that point, I was already at the verge of flushing the book down the toilet. She is immature, pathetic, conniving and downright ridiculous. I hate her. I don't even care to know if she knows more about what happened with her brother or not. Can I point out that I personally know someone who got raped and around the time I found out, I was really cautious and even now I still am? It affected me that much. Here, Ellie, you're involved in this case and you're frolicking with some guy you don't even know. I'm done with you.The rest of the characters didn't matter to me. This book really was too boring and annoying to finish. Maybe if it was in the perspective of Holly I would have liked it. But no, it wasn't. It was a narrative through two ridiculous teenagers.