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Point of Retreat (Slammed, #2) - Colleen Hoover I knew it. I knew that reading the sequel to one of my favourite books would be a bad idea. Usually if I dislike a book, I just get angry and I rant a low but right now, I feel sad. So freaking sad because how is this book even associated with Slammed? Colleen Hoover, you shouldn't have. You really shouldn't have.So this book picks up a year or something after Will and Lake get together and apparently in that period they both became immature and unbearable. In Slammed, I liked how flawed they were but now, it's just vexing. I finished it within hours because I was really excited and I had faith in Hoover's writing. I hoped it would get better but it really didn't.Now before I list the long negatives and the rants, I still loved the slam poetry. It was beautiful. I loved the introduction of Shelly and Kiersten and I liked the friendships between all the characters. That "plot twist" really had me on the edge of my sit and Colleen Hoover is still a great writer.Now what I hated the most: cliched, pointless drama. I saw every twist 50 pages before it happened and as I imagined that's what would happen, I really hoped it wouldn't actually happen. But it did. Think of every obstacle couples face in romantic dramas and chuck them into this book and there you have it, the "plot". Then when Will and Lake weren't having that drama, they were expressing their love for each other. Whilst in Slammed I loved this, in this book it was way too cheesy. Their make out sessions weren't as sexy as I found them. Maybe because it was from Will's POV and well, the one thing that ruined this book was: WILL.Colleen Hoover chucked the Will we met in Slammed and replaced him with an immature, creepy, whiny, insecure, clingy and controlling version of him. Because this book was in his perspective, we're supposed to get to know him better but I wish we hadn't. I wish this was from Lake's point of view so I didn't have to read Will's incessant whining and obsession over Lake. Will, you're a 23 year old man. Why are you acting like a 15 year old boy? You didn't talk to Lake for TWO DAYS and you acted like a dying man. Seriously? It's unhealthy how obsessed and stalkerish you are. So you decided to detach the battery in her car so she would be forced to ride with you? CREEP. That's not cute. Looks like we have another Edward Cullen here. Then you weep and you cry and you talk about how beautiful she is and we get it, Will. The way you were so excited over having sex with her convinced me you really were a 13 year old. An entire paragraph dedicated to the word "sex". ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Ugh. I hate you Will and I loved you so much in Slammed so I feel like I broke up with you now I'm going to whine and whine and write poetry about you. Hope my friends trap you in a booth so you're forced to listen to me recite it to you and I can take away your freedom and use manipulation at the same time. Lake wasn't any better either. At the end of Slammed, she had matured but then in this book, she forgot all of that and went back to acting like she's still in primary school. Honestly. I know this was all for the purpose of following through the stupid dramas, but couldn't these characters be a little more smart? Lake losing her mind because Will kissed his ex on her forehead...ON HER FOREHEAD WILL, ON HER FOREHEAD, Lake cried out and I almost chucked the book out the window. I know it was special to her but really. For people who claim to love each other so much, they don't trust each other at all. I'm not a fan of slang created by authors. I mean once or thrice it's fun but when it's in every page, it needs to stop. "carving pumpkins" was ruined and don't try to make "Butterflying"(I really love what Kiersten said when she invented this) happen because it's not going to happen.There's a third book. I'm not touching it... Especially since it's written from Will's POV. I don't know if I can handle disliking him any more.Really disappointed. If you loved Slammed, I suggest you walk away from this book. But although I didn't like this, Slammed is still special to me and I'll pretend this never happened.