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Every Day - David Levithan, why do you do this to me? Why do you rip my soul open and plant your stories right in there? Why do your stories leave me so vulnerable and lost but content with it? WHY ARE YOUR BOOKS SO FRIGGING GOOD?!I don't know how I can review this book...It's a unique, refreshing YA book with so many characters who are all so wonderfully written. I'm a fan of Levithan's writing and this book just made me love him that much more. It's a gripping story of "A" who wakes up in a different body everyday and so experiences life as someone new each day. A falls in love with a girl A met whilst in the body of this jerk and that's the romantic aspect of the book. I love this romance because despite the odd circumstances, it felt genuine. Whilst on A's part, it was insta-love, Rhiannon did not automatically love A. She had to know A more and she wasn't blinded by this love either. She had other priorities and she stuck to them. I love her. She's kick ass. But my favourite part was the different lives A lived. In total, there are 40 people this novel talks about. This is where my breath was taken away because I felt and understood all these people through the eyes of A. This book taught me about people. How different and similar our lives are. There is some inspirational insight written here and I hope I can apply that to my life. I love that David Levithan represented different people from various walks of life. There is so much diversity, which actually represents reality, unlike what we're used to in most YA books. I love A as a protagonist. What a wonderful person. I would love to meet someone like that. The only problem I have with this book is the ending. I wanted more! But of course, everything must end. And I think the ending made the impact of the events leading up to it hit even more. I felt so much loss, loneliness and sadness .As usual, when a book really connects with me, I find it difficult to review it because my mind is still recovering and as usual I will say it's up to personal interpretation. Whilst what I adored about this book was the different people and the writing, someone else might have loved the romance more.I don't know if this review even makes sense but forgive me, I'm just so taken by that book.It's art.It's exactly why I love reading.This feeling, this daze, this confusion, is exactly what I want after I finish reading.Thank you, David Levithan.