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Will Grayson, Will Grayson - John Green So, I really loved this book. It was hilarious and the characters were well written. I sympathised with both Wills. I loved them and really cared about them. I wanted nothing but the best for them. The way this book is written in two perspectives adds to the pacing of the story which makes it hard to put down. It really is a gripping book and congratulations to John Green and David Levithan for that.The other characters were also well written, of course. I like Jane and even though there isn't much of gideon, I like him too.But to be honest, the main reason I couldn't give this book a 4.5/5 or 5/5 is simply because of Tiny freaking Cooper. I have never disliked a character in a book as much as I dislike him. His personality aggravated me and no amount of explanation for his behaviour can change that. He is a fickle, annoying, conceited, narcissistic jerk. He is a terrible friend. I understand that the message was eventually that everyone has the bad side and we should accept them and love them but no freaking way. If a friend of mine acted the way he did, I wouldn't love him. No. I would leave him. I fear that the main reason Will stuck around is because he is needy and felt he couldn't find someone who would treat him like a human being not just a rag doll; picked up and put down whenever it suited the owner. We're supposed to sympathise with Tiny when he confesses his insecurities to will. But you know what? Those insecurities are pretty darn common but not everyone acts like such an asshole like he does. YES so what Will is weak or however Tiny sees him, you have no right to treat him like that. This is contradictory to his play because he then portrays Will as someone who is quite strong and sensible whereas he previously stated he was weak and pitiful. I am just raging, stark mad. I don't know about how other gay characters are portrayed in other books because this is honestly the first book I've read with the main characters as gay. But are you really serious about Tiny asking for some dude's number in the audience in front of everyone? He isn't cute. He seems desperate and cheap and it's a shame that the authors didn't do something about that aspect of his outlandish personality. I never want to come across a character like him ever again. Ever.Because I swear the last pages of this book made me really want to throw it out the window. My other problem was Maura. I disliked her. Period. I didn't sympathise with her, not ever. She just annoyed me from the second she was introduced and that plot twist made me wish she had been written out of the book. What she did was despicable and like I said about Tiny, her reasons are irrelevant.Maybe I'm feeling particularly pessimistic tonight. Maybe these two characters aren't as bad as I said they are. But honestly, there is nothing I appreciate about Tiny.AFTER that rant, I really did enjoy this book. It was humorous and light yet had a lot of depth to it and the characters are intriguing enough to not want to put the book down.