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Boy Meets Boy - David Levithan What cute, sweet and fluffy book! I really liked this, not because it's David Levithan and his writing style captivates me and I just love how I feel like every sentence pierces my soul, I liked it because of how refreshing and light it felt. It's written in a "fantasy" world where LGBT is accepted by everyone and there isn't the bigotry that exists today. I loved Paul. He was imperfect and he messed up but because of that I could really connect with him. I liked what he went through with Kyle and I liked how much he valued his friend Tony and just his general kindness.Infinite Darlene is probably one of my favourite characters from David Levithan's books. I loved her and I wish there was more of her! NOAH I'm in love with him. I know that we don't really get to know him much but I just really liked him. Maybe it was because of how Paul felt about him and because of great writing the reader feels those things too?I liked all the characters except for Toni and Chuck and I wish that relationship had been explored more or rather that there was some sort of conclusion. I liked Toni before Chuck and I hoped to see her return to the gang.It's a short and quick, enjoyable read. I would have loved a sequel because this leaves you wanting more.