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Invisibility - Andrea Cremer, David Levithan It took me 18 days to finish this book. I'm so ashamed. This is the longest reading slump I've had in a while. And as I'm getting out of it, I'm swamped with school work!Anyway...I liked this book. I guess I could see where it was going and what it was trying to achieve. The premise was interesting and original(as far as I'm aware). At first glance, you wouldn't think this is a paranormal book. It feels like it's realistic fiction and I guess that worked pretty well. I loved Stephen and Laurie, especially Laurie. I loved Stephen's point of view more because of my adoration for Levithan's writing. My main problem with this book is the world building. I feel like it lacked stability and was underdeveloped. Especially with Elizabeth. Firstly, I couldn't connect with her and I grew to dislike her as the story went on. Then came the "paranormal" part of the story and I lost it/her. I don't know why she is special enough to see Stephen and I don't know what causes these "powers" or whatever. Although they vividly described the spells, I still couldn't connect with what she was seeing/hearing.I didn't like the romance/love between Stephen and Elizabeth too. I felt it was rushed and unbelievable. I'm probably being a cynic here, but less than 2 months into a relationship, you're willing to sacrifice yourself for the sake of love? Do these YA characters really not value their lives much?Overall, it was a promising book. But there's so much lacking. If there's a second book, I'll check it out. But let's replace Elizabeth with Laurie as the other voice of the story?