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Just One Day - Gayle Forman Two stars because it pains me to give Gayle Forman just one star after how much I loved "If I Stay" and "Where She Went".Positives: the writing is good. I like the way Forman writes. I love the "unusual" vocabulary and the descriptions are beautiful without being too flowery. The first part of this story is great. It was cute, similar to "The Statistical Probability of Love At First Sight". I liked Willem. There's an element of finding yourself and "coming of age" too. That's great, I guess.Then Allyson happened. I hate her so much she ruined what could have been a great story. I started disliking her within the first few pages. She is such a whiny brat. Allyson, your parents paid for an expensive trip to Europe and you have the opportunity to meet new people and enjoy yourself, but what do you do? You whine about how boring it is and how you don't fit in with the rest of your group because you exclude yourself! She finds what London, Rome, Belgium or wherever not as good as she would like it to be. Apparently the historical, beautiful sights are too bland for her. America really must have it all, right?Then she meets Willem and she starts being extraordinarily dumb and annoying. She lets this guy call her the wrong name. If this is meant to be cute, I don't see it. People call you the wrong name to avoid getting to know you or to be demeaning. I know this because I have experienced bitchy girls mispronouncing my name just for the sake of stripping me of my identity and making me less than I am.So she literally knows this guy for a day and within that day she gets jealous and overly sensitive if he's so much as looking at another girl. Worse, she calls him out on it. Thing happen, more things, Allyson gets creepily attached then they have sex, within a day of knowing each other and Willem is still calling her the wrong name. I'm sorry, Allyson, do you even see this going well? then Willem leaves her and she goes back to America, starts college.But wait. So one day spent with this guy who goes AWOL after, causes Allyson to spiral into a whiny, moody, annoying, cold person for NINE MONTHS. She shuts everyone off, she complains about everything and then when she gets her mindset together, what does she do? She goes after Willem she GOOGLES HIM, FACEBOOKS HIM, WRITES A LETTER TO HIM THEN TAKES A DAMN PLANE TO PARIS TO STALK HIM AND FOLLOWS HIM TO HIS HOMETOWN!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE IS THE ROMANCE? I AM NOT SEEING IT!I don't care to find out what happens between these two, so I'm not going to read the next book.I rolled my eyes so much I have a headache.So disappointed.