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Where She Went - Gayle Forman So I absolutely adored "If I Stay" then this book happens. Now I would come up with more powerful synonyms for "adore" but right now I can't think beyond the utter perfection that is this book right here. I was blown away. Gayle Forman has my complete respect as an author right now and I'll be hunting for the rest of her books with intensity.This was a masterpiece. I fell in love with it from the first page! So this time it's told from Adam's point of view, set three years after the first one. I was already excited for this because Adam had intrigued me and I had fallen in love with him from Mia's perspective. I was not disappointed and I'm afraid I'm too in love with him.What a broken man Adam became. Forman wrote this in a way that I truly became Adam with each page, meaning each page ripped me open until I truly understood him and cared for him. I already could relate to him for his anxiety but by the end, I was living a rock star life I never experienced because of this remarkable writing. Everything about him was justified and explained and who would have thought I would feel sorry for a multi-millionaire, famous rock star? But I did. I connected with him so much I was sad when it was time for us to part(when the book ended).Mia was absent, in a way Adam was in If I Stay, for majority of this book and only present in Adam's thoughts and memories. But it worked out pretty well. I like that this book was from Adam's point of view because if it was Mia it may have been too...depressing and monotonous as we learn about how she's dealing with her grief.All the awards go to Gayle Forman for writing brilliant, lovable characters. They all had their faults but they were bearable. And going back to If I Stay, we never really met Mia's parents and little brother. But from Mia's memories, we knew and loved them. So much so that in Where She Went we grieved with Adam and we missed them too. Whenever Kat was mentioned, I teared up because I really loved her.Maybe that was also the point of two different perspectives/memories? I have read books with characters dealing with grief and I have teared up, but I never became part of it the way I did with these two books. My only complaint is I'm too lonely and alone to be reading books like these because really, now I just want my Adam to my Mia.