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Stolen: A Letter to My Captor - Lucy Christopher I just wrote a very long review of this book and Goodreads didn't save it. I'm trying to act like this doesn't bother me, but wow I'm dying inside.But anyway, now a very short version of my review:This book was lacking because Gemma and Ty didn't play their roles as well as they should have. I found it hard to sympathise with Ty because his sad stories were badly explored. To me he's the sick, disgusting stalker and kidnapper from the beginning to the end. Gemma's affections towards Ty were unrealistic. Maybe I don't understand Stockholm Syndrome, but I thought a month wasn't enough for her to suddenly fall in love with him despite his actions.The long paragraphs dedicated to the sandy desert and plants were a waste of the good time that could have been spent making this story darker and the characters more present. I didn't connect with Gemma or care about her actually, because she was anonymous and a shadow throughout the entire book. I liked her better when she had thoughts of harming herself or escaping. So when those stopped, I felt nothing towards her.Overall, not even close to what I had hoped it would be.