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The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald I can't really review this book because like I said, I'm only reading it for school. But I really didn't like it at all. Maybe as I study it, I will.I get classics are classics for a reason. I know there's so much symbolism and metaphors in this book and the writing is beautiful but I didn't understand it half of the time. It felt all over the place. One second he's talking about this character then he's talking about another one without indicating that he is talking about a different character now so I kept having to re-read some paragraphs. Although the writing was pretty(I love words as much as the next person) in this case it just pulled me out of a story I was struggling with already. I didn't really want to know every detail about Daisy's dress or something. I hated all the characters and I really didn't care for their rich people problems. I know that's a big thing that we will be discussing in class. I kind of felt sorry for Gatsby. Poor, delusional fool.I'm sure I'll update this review when I have studied or when I re-read it because I really have to.