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Before I Fall - Lauren Oliver *slight spoilers*Well, in the middle of typing my long review, my internet did something and it all got erased. Now I'm very angry over that. My previous review had a few good points such as good writing and gripping story(after struggling through the first few chapters) now I'm getting straight to why I could only give this book a 2.5.The main characters.Sam and her best friends are horrible, cruel people. I don't care about their sob stories of insecurity and pain because that is never an excuse. We all deal with a lot of crap in our lives but we don't treat everyone who isn't part of out friendship group like dirt. We don't target and bully "outcasts" to an extent of them considering suicide. During this week of Sam re-living her life, we're supposed to sympathise with her and see a change in her. But she is still the same shallow, egotistical mean girl she always was. The only time I felt something for her was when she was interacting with her little sister. But of course, Lizzy is only 7 years old so I guess she's not a target right?Sam talks about how she never felt like she really fit in with her group of friends and Kent acts like there's so much good in her but I really don't see it. She's just like the rest of her drunkard, obnoxious friends. Yes, she tries to fix things but as she's doing this, she's only ruining someone else's life. She's stupid and fickle and I'm done with her.Never did it ever occur to her to research or deeply think about why she is re-living this one day. Instead she just worries about having sex with her boyfriend and her teacher and Kent and then talks about Lindsey like she hates her then makes friends only to not bother with them again. Honestly, Sammy was a horrible protagonist.I liked Kent and he deserves better than her. I'm glad Juliet didn't fall for Sam's speeches because you don't treat someone like that then say you're sorry and expect everything to be fine. No. I don't find what she did at the end brave or anything. I don't like her any better because of that. She is selfish and conniving and she judges everyone around her for living the way she lives.This book could have been deeper and more insightful but it gets weighed down by teenage drama and stereotypical characters. Also, the fashion choices that were described were ridiculous and I hope no one in America leaves the house for school wearing 4 inch heels and furry vest tops in winter.