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Divergent  - Veronica Roth *minor spoilers*I'm giving this book a solid 4 rating. Because it succeeded to make me feel what I would like to feel when reading books: completely absorbed into that world.I read this book in one sitting, and it took me just four hours. It's such a gripping, fast-paced book and for that, well done Veronica Roth.I thought the whole world being divided into "factions" based on their strongest personality trait was a stretch. This aspect reminded me too much of the Hogwarts Sorting Hat. There were a lot of flaws/plot holes in this world. I find it hard to believe that only a few people would be Divergent. Those traits interlace with each other. Especially selflessness and bravery, as one of the characters pointed out. I liked the other characters. I loved Christina and Will the most. They were actually very good people never mind that Tris was a terrible person(I'll get to that), they still stuck by her till the end. There is a lot of violence in this book, and I do feel that we forget that these are 16 year olds. Yes, as I've seen many reviews mention this, there are some VERY strong similarities to The Hunger Games. Especially what happened with Four and Tris near the end (you know what I'm talking about, I rolled my eyes and put the book down because really that was like copy and paste). I haven't re-read The Hunger Games in a while but I remember being repulsed by the violence because those were kids! Kids were killing each other and some even enjoying it! In this book it's glossed over. Especially Peter and his gang. But we can blame all the problems I have with this book on one person: Tris.Oh My GOD.Now I have read some bad protagonists in my time. I have experienced whiny, bratty, stupid "heroines" so it does take a lot more to get under my skin . But Tris wins the award for being the WORST FEMALE PROTAGONIST. I absolutely despise this girl. I hate her so much I hope the author kills her off.So Tris is basically stupid, whiny, judgmental and mean. Just because she acknowledges how selfish she is, it doesn't make it any less bad. Her stupid questions over everything that happens got on my nerves. I hate you, Tris, I don't need to know that you're once again questioning something that is so damn clear. She is one of those kids who sit in the middle of the class in a complete daze when the teacher's explaining something then go "sorry, what are we doing?" as soon as the teacher finishes. UGH. Tris, your mother and Four tell you to tone down your Divergence for your own sake, but what do you do? You ignore it and you do every single thing that will just point a flashing, red "DIVERGENT" arrow at you for everyone to see. You whine about how mean Peter and his friends are, but wow your thoughts make me certain if I met you, I would punch you. As soon as you discover that you're on the lead, for some nonsensical reason, your arrogance astounds me.Crying does not make you weak, Tris. Get over yourself. When you scold Al and accuse him of being a coward or whatever because he's crying, I knew I hated you. Your attitude towards him doesn't change. You pity him and you are repulsed by his "cowardice". Do not get me started on those thoughts you have after Al's death. NO. NO. NO. Veronica Roth, it's a touchy subject you're handling, can you not?Tris continues being a little bitch to everyone. She whines about how she's not pretty and yet Four still likes her? Now I mention this because she doesn't have a personality to begin with, so at least if she was pretty it would make sense. Then Tris continues to upstage everyone although she's so tiny(eye roll). When her friends see that she's actually not who she appears to be, BECAUSE SHE ISN'T and they react "badly", she gets all high and mighty and contemplates whether she should even forgive the only friends she has ever had especially now that the super cool kids are paying attention to her. Ugh.I'm not done ranting, but I'll stop now.I really hope by some miracle, she isn't such a brat in the next books!Other than that, I really did enjoy this book and I look forward to completing this series!