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Insurgent (Divergent Series #2) - Honestly, I am disappointed and angered by this book. But it's not all bad. There is still the dull memory of the excitement and thrill that was in Divergent that kept me reading till the end. Otherwise, I really was unimpressed by this book.Here's the thing, I read Divergent a little less than a month ago, but I have read other books since then so I don't remember every single detail/character. I was expecting a little reminder or explanation on the characters in Insurgent, but no. I didn't get that. I was confused and straining to remember what happened in Divergent the majority of the time.The plot in this book... I'll forgive Veronica Roth here and say maybe the lack of a gripping plot is due to this being the second book in the series and we all know usually second books are a flop, right? Because nothing really happened for at least 300 pages. It's just filled with angsty dialogue, Tris' stupid thoughts and blood and murder and evil forced together.The world building is still shaky and FOR CRYING OUT LOUD VERONICA ROTH, remind people of what this world is like thoroughly because I had completely forgotten it was fenced in until right at the end! And that cliffhanger really, I mean I get what you're trying to do and I am curious as to where this is going but all that build up FOR THAT? So, my anger has revealed itself now prepare for a rant: TRIS.What is wrong with her? From my review of Divergent, it is no surprise that I HATE THIS GIRL, but then this time around, whatever goodness I could salvage and use to attempt to like her was completely annihilated. Why must she be the protagonist of a book that is so promising and has such an interesting premise? She ruins it with her whiny, selfish and idiotic behaviour. She is so self-righteous yet acts like she isn't but every thought she has suggests just that.YOU ARE NOT IMPORTANT, TRIS. This is my main problem. They're making Tris into this special flake when she really hasn't done much other than being Divergent and acting superior towards everyone. I don't believe for a second that she's got Erudite in her. I just think everyone else is incredibly dumb. Her "smart ideas" where common sense and Tris, did you not spend the first half of Divergent mourning about how you are not Abnegation because you really aren't. Stop trying to be selfless because you are naturally a selfish brat. I understand she lost her parents and she shot Will but really Tris, can you just stop with the angst. If you're supposed to be the heroine of this book, pick yourself and your survival instinct up and kick ass.This doesn't mean trusting someone you don't even trust or know and just plunging into dangerous situations because you think you can fight and you think you're so special.I love YA Romance, usually. I love the chemistry and the intimacy but in this book, I was done with it. Yes, Tobias we get that you love Tris(although I still don't understand why) but can you stop with the angsty crap you two spent the majority of this book on each other's backs for? This is 400 pages of Tobias and Tris having relationship problems. Tobias is no longer appealing to me. He's needy and spends most of his time doing something like this:Tobias: TRIS JFC CAN YOU STOP TRYING TO KILL YOURSELF WAAH WHAT HAPPENED YOU CHANGED DON'T YOU WANT TO LIVE FOR ME ANYMORE DON'T YOU DON'T YOU OMG YOU ARE INCOMPETENT YOU CHILD YOU WILL GET HURTTobias: I love you Tris. You have such great judgmentTobias and Tris: *heavy making out until Tris stops because hehehe so Abnegation can't go there~*Tobias and Tris: *intense shouting at each other and tension and omfg why don't you tell me every single thought you ever had you don't trust me what leave me then waah wahh wahh*Me: stop. stop right now.And on that note, really not happy with this and I hope the next book is MUCH better.