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Through the Ever Night - Well, Veronica Rossi, you have left me speechless. This book is on another league compared to the first one. Wow.So I probably wouldn't have read the sequel if I hadn't bought it when I bought the first book because they were on sale(3 books for £5!). Because if you read my review for "Under the Never Sky" you know I didn't like it. But I forced myself to read this book because it's the only book I have left to read and wow, I'm so glad I did!Firstly, the pacing is very slow. That's why I struggled to get into it. So much happens, but nothing really happens at all. That was my only problem with this book.This time around, the characters are more developed, more alive and the writing helps us connect with them. The world is still crafty, I still can't get a clear image of the setting in my head, but that's okay. The Aether and how the world as it is now became what it is then is finally explained! I enjoyed the dialogue between the characters this time because it was clever, funny and memorable. I love Liv. I love Reef. I love Cinder. I love everyone!Peregrine has definitely grown up, which is a good thing considering he is the Blood Lord now. Although he is constantly doubted, and he doubts himself too, he still follows his guts and instincts and that makes him a great leader, even if he still doesn't realise it. Aria finally came alive and I genuinely like her now. She's such a strong character and every action she did proved that. She never treated herself as the "damsel in distress" and waited to be told what to do by anyone else. She is fierce. She is brave. She is one of my favourite YA protagonists. Roar. I fell in love with Roar in a way most people fell in love with Perry. From the first book, I loved him. Then because he was more prominent in this one, I just fell head over heels for him. Please don't kill him off, Veronica Rossi! Please!I have to admit, the main reason I adore this book much more is because Aria and Perry are apart for 3/4 of it. Whilst I accept their relationship, I don't feel much for it. Yes, it has its sweet moments and in this book it was better developed, so I'll say my opinions are based on the first book and also how biased I am. When they're together, an otherwise complex book, is reduced to typical YA paranormal romance. There is the cheesy dialogue and the intimacy that leaves me thinking "do they really even know each other other than how their lips taste?" This time, Perry stopped thinking and talking about Aria's violet scent and Aria just stopped obsessing over her lust for him. This gave more to the story.Roar and Liv are great. Their stories and love for each other is great. Great, great, great.But I still can't not want Roar and Aria to be the endgame. I know it won't happen but wow, I love them together. Aria's thoughts about Roar are so pure and lovely and the way they interact makes me feel what I'm supposed to feel when Perry and Aria are together. I think Aria's feelings for Roar are deeper than she acknowledges and I really do think a love triangle might happen in the next book. I don't really care for love triangles though, but I just want it to be clear that Aria is feeling something that is more than friendship because she is. No doubt.Overall, incredible book after you get past the first 100 pages. I hope the pacing is sorted out in the next books, Rossi. That was a definite cliffhanger and I'm dying to find out what happens next. If like me, you hated the first book. Give this one a try and I bet you'll enjoy it.