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The Raven Boys - Firstly, the blurb is misleading. You might think this is your average YA paranormal love story about forbidden love, but it's not. Not at all.This book is undoubtedly the start of an incredible series. Although the end was disappointing and a tedious read, I still believe in The Raven Boys. The narrative is flawless and complex. It's told from different perspectives. The characterisation in this book is incredible. You really get to know and understand these characters. I honestly applaud Maggie Stiefvater for fully developing her characters. The start right to 3/4 of the book is gripping and fast paced. I couldn't put it down. The conversations between the characters is fun, witty and relevant to the story. I fell in love with the Raven boys. They're not your typical hot swoon-worthy boys you get in YA books. They actually have personality for one. They're flawed and unpredictable and troubled but they're still strong and admirable. As this is just an opening to a world of magic and mystery I can forgive Stiefvater for the sudden slow pace and lazy ending. But honestly the end of this book sucked. The relationships in this book are really intriguing and I look forward to see what happens next. But if you're looking for a angsty teen sexual frustration I want you but can't have you type of book, this isn't it. Blue is...sensible. So I'm eager to see how her relationships with the boys will develop and if they'll change her.