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Specials - Scott Westerfeld *Spoilers*I once told myself that I wouldn't review a book if I had read it on my attempt to get out of a reading slump because I would most likely find the book...boring. But I'm sure if I was at the prime of my reading, I would still dislike this book.What hurts me the most about this series is how much potential it had. Tally was a promising protagonist when I read the Uglies. Even though I didn't particularly like Pretties as much, she was still bearable.THEN Specials happened. Firstly, look Scott Westerfeld, I find that having Tally's brain hacked in every book lazy writing because it really is just getting out of developing her as a character. But what do I know? Tally's whining was too much for me to handle. I found myself skipping full pages because I couldn't care less about her "icy-making" thoughts. Although so much has happened, we're back to the problem we had in Uglies; Tally's obsession with outer appearance. I was hoping that she would have some epiphany that would make her wake up from her special head and realise that beauty really doesn't matter but no, she never actually did. The plot... Was there even a plot? I really don't understand the point of anything that happened in this book. I thought the ending was again, very lazy. There were no plot twists. Everything that happened was predictable and very contrived. I skimmed the last pages because I really didn't care. Of course now that Zane had been killed off, the only character I liked by the way, Tally would run off with David. Because she just wants someone who will treat her like a special flake. BUT WHY. David was absent for the majority of this series and he just comes back because you know Tally needs a boy in her life right? And Shay? What is up with her cattiness. I get it, it's over David but wow, get over it already.Argh. I'm ending this review now before I go on a long rant.