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The Hidden  - Jessica Verday No.No.No.Stop this right nowAuthors, be aware of the audience you're targeting. Be aware of how fragile some minds are. You have a weapon here and this book is very dangerous. I am so mad right now.So, the last book of this trilogy. I didn't like the first one, i didn't care much for the second one. But i have this need to finish a series once I start it. No matter how bad it is(Well except for The House of Night books).So when I saw this book at our local library, I just picked it up and decided to add it on my to-read pile just to find out what happens to Abbey and Caspian.God, why did I do this?So many eye-roll moments, so many awkward did you just write that moments and don't even get me started on the November night. I had to put the book down and calm my nerves.Caspian's nickname for Abbey "Astrid" made me want to hurl. It was and always has been cheesy. Our dear Mary Sue Abbey who is actually a really bad friend to everyone yet somehow manages to get away with it. Her parents are ridiculous and absent pretty much for the majority of this book. And their graduation present was a little outlandish for a teenage girl. No matter how responsible she apparently is.The themes of controlling boyfriend came up and although Abbey tried to not be controlled, the charm and cute smile of these boys won her over of course. All these characters were just thrown in as props. None of them really stuck with me and I didn't connect with any of them.**spoiler**Now the ending.NO.NO.NO.You do NOT ever EVER write about a character that willingly kills herself to be with her boyfriend. NO. I am disgusted by that ending. What message are we trying to get across here, Verday? That it's ok to throw your life away for the sake of love? That you can cause your parents and friends so much pain just because you give your soul and heart and damn virginity to some "perfect" guy?She re-wrote time, I suppose. Meaning Kristen was the one who mourned her death and her parents the ones who suffered. But really. How selfish of you, Abbey. Subjecting your parents and no doubt your best friend to the pain YOU suffered when she "died"? I get that it was meant to be you who died, but you didn't. What you should have done is walked away and let the dead be dead and the dead move on. What you should have done as a caring, responsible, mature person is see this as a second chance. You owed Kristen that much. That's what you should have done. But you didn't.You chose to kill yourself. For a boy. I am not okay with this. No one can convince me otherwise. This relationship was very unhealthy. Abbey's need for Caspian was unhealthy and wrong. She lived with him. She spent every second with him. When he wanted to take a walk, she fought off her tears. NO.STOP WRITING BOOKS LIKE THIS.STOP IT RIGHT NOW.ps, nice touch with the Supernatural reference. I'm a huge fan.