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Paper Towns - John Green I just finished reading this book and I am still recovering. So, let me just start off by saying yes, the characters were generally annoying. Especially Ben. And there were some moments where i rolled my eyes and threatened to stop reading, but I had to find out of course. This book isn't perfect at all. Some parts are lazy and I found myself skipping them. I found Margo to be really selfish and even at the end of the book, when I truly understood her, I still couldn't like her.But now why is this four stars? Because it moved me. I have never connected to a book as much as I did with this one. The last pages of this book will stay with you forever. I now have that book I will re-read when I'm feeling particularly down. If I could quote the last 3 pages I would.This book won me over with the amazing insight it has. I felt. I cried. I understood. It wasn't pretentious, it wasn't cheesy. It was John Green writing about the the true essence of people. He left me thinking, hell I'm still thinking. I am yet to read a book with such deep, powerful perception. I applaud John Green for this. I truly do.