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Supernatural: John Winchester's Journal

Supernatural: John Winchester's Journal - I can't really review it... But I'll say it wasn't how I expected it to be. I thought there would be much more insight than what I got. But I do feel like I understand John Winchester better and I learned a lot more about Dean and Sam's relationship from when they were young right up to when Sam leaves for college. I like that there are other characters talked about that aren't mentioned in the show and Mary is more "alive" in a way. The way she's talked about here makes me miss her even more therefore understand how her death affected John and why it's just really tragic.There's a LOT of information on the monsters John hunts and on the exorcisms etc to use. I skipped most of it because I wasn't interested though I did read a few little stories. Overall, I think I wanted more than what I got. Still alright though. Since it's like a photocopied version of the original journal, the font used at times is barely legible and that was rather annoying.