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Severed Heads, Broken Hearts - Robyn Schneider Now when it comes to YA Contemporary, I have a tendency to be very picky. I am a harsh critic and let's face it, some books in this genre can be highly pretentious.But this book here did it just right. I adore Robyn Shneider's writing. She made Ezra a very likable and real male protagonist. I liked his thoughts and his attitude. He was far from perfect and he was an asshole at times but that helped develop his character and as a reader, I could relate to him. My favourite thing was his sense of humour. I love me some puns. I liked Cassidy and Toby and the rest of the "outcasts". I found myself in each of them and really when I read that's exactly what I want. I want to be able to not only relate but to learn something about myself from the characters I read about. They were witty and smart without being "showy". These characters were well-written because they had deep, wonderful insight yet they still managed to sound like teenagers.But what I liked the most is how though Ezra and this group were "outcasts" and they occasionally made fun of the "popular kids" it wasn't overdone. They didn't act like they were superior because they told intelligent jokes and didn't get wasted every Friday night. They just accepted themselves and had fun! Although the popular kids were very cliche, I liked reading about them. They weren't the "evil guys". Mean and superficial, yes. But honestly, I understand them. They are teenagers after all. They were still friends with Ezra even as he stopped being exactly like them and that's admirable.I loved the romance because it wasn't instalove. It was based on friendship and compatibility. I loved their interactions. It was cute without cheesy. It was sexy without being crude.This book is about Ezra's personal growth. The last page took my breath away as his character development revealed itself. What an amazing journey of self-discovery! I really do recommend this book. It has angst, it is sad but it's also hilarious and intelligent. I loved the Doctor Who references and Ezra's music taste. I could go on about how great this book is but really, GO READ IT.