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Along for the Ride - Sarah Dessen So, I liked this book. I liked it because it's Sarah Dessen and there is always something about her books I like even if I see many faults in the story/characters. The writing and setting is all familiar, in a great way, and God, I love it when she mentions my favourite characters from her previous books!I didn't care for Auden though. She was whiny and too judgmental. I can blame this on her awful mother of course because she later "grows out of it" but I don't really know if she totally did. I couldn't really connect with her either. She was distant to me. I could connect to Heidi and Eli and even Maggie but her, there was just something off about her character.I liked the side characters; really loved Heidi. I feel so sorry for her because Auden's dad is a horrible excuse for a husband and father. I think I'm staying away from writers when it comes to dating/marriage. As I mentioned before, Auden's mother was truly awful. I've never met such a pretentious, hypocritical, elitist character before. She's meant to be a feminist but she spends 90% of the time judging other women and they even mention that she's "wary of other females"... I think you missed the point of what feminism is about. My very big issue with this book is how recycled it feels. Now I know, we all know, that Sarah Dessen has a "method" for all her books and we like that. But this one was too much. This book was "The Truth About Forever", "This Lullaby", "Just Listen" and "Lock & Key" combined. I see now that these are Sarah Dessen's top books so I guess it makes sense... But wow, I found myself rolling my eyes at how obviously recycled all these characters and situations were. But I think it's more like a bad, first draft of The Truth About Forever. What sucks is that the romance part wasn't captured well enough this time around. Maybe because we didn't learn much about Eli, but I didn't fall head over heels like I've done with the guys from the previous books. In fact, he's very forgettable.I feel that Sarah Dessen is trying to recreate her best books but it isn't working. I hope she can just change direction completely. Because her writing is engrossing. I never put her books down once I start reading them. She can really develop her characters and the dialogue is witty and funny. But with her latest books, she's still going in circles trying to make "The Truth About Forever" etc happen but it can't. It won't. And we will always notice her attempts and it will make the book less enjoyable. I'm sure someone who doesn't follow her books completely enjoyed this book and I can see why. It is a great book. But come on, Auden is basically an unlikable Macy. Also, it's a good thing I guess that I read "the moon and more" before this one because WOW ARE YOU SERIOUS? The whole Beach party thing that happens in that book is exactly what happens in this one. I'm begging Sarah Dessen to ditch this path. Or if she wants to keep regenerating her old books, how about Dreamland?