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Elsewhere - Gabrielle Zevin I liked it. Or rather I liked the idea of it. The whole "afterlife" and "rebirth" aspect of it was pretty interesting. I also liked the whole Canine language, as a dog lover myself, I found it pretty interesting and for most parts, humorous.However, Liz was generally an annoying character. I guess I can forgive Zevin for that as she was supposed to portray a fifteen year old a t first. I feel like this story lacked a solid background for Liz. We never really had the opportunity to understand her, especially her relationship with her best friend. Speaking of relationships, the main reason I couldn't give this book 4 or 5 stars was because of the relationship between Li and Owen. It felt like Zevin just threw it in without much thought, just for the sake of giving Liz romance. We never really got to see the two be together as she skipped that. We never really knew any of the characters well enough. Because now when I think back, I wonder why the book had so many pages. There wasn't really much going on, which sucks because with such a brilliant idea of after-death, there could have been so much more. *SPOILER* The only time I couldn't put the book down was when the return of Emily was announced, I was curious about the impact it would have on Owen and Liz but I was disappointed really, it was nowhere near as dramatic or sad as I anticipated.So yes, I did like the book. Just I felt like it lacked something much, much more that would have made it into an epic read.