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The Fault in Our Stars - John Green *may contain spoilers*I reviewed this book less than an hour ago because that's when I eventually finished reading it. Originally, it was 4/5 but after deep thoughts and reading other reviews, it's now a 3.5Because I've realised that I just really wanted to like this book because well everyone does for some reason.But, it was a good read. Not the best, I prefer Looking For Alaska. It had its moments of humour and there were some parts that really did make me cry. But now, I have to be honest. The main reason I didn't like this book is how pretentious it felt. Hazel and Augustus were unbelievable. I don't mean as in incredible, I mean as they could not exist. Why? Because of the dialogue between them and the random out of the blue deep, philosophical monologues. My problem with this is, I wouldn't have minded if it had just happened but it became too overdone. And the worst part about this is it pulled me out of the story. I wouldn't consider myself a shallow teenager, I have really deep thoughts about life and how the universe works. But like I said, it was too overdone to the extent of being cheesy. (I don't blame people for not replying to Hazel's comment on Augustus' page because I had to read it at least three times to even understand what she was saying) But it wasn't all bad, of course. Like I said, there were some comedic aspects that were well done. I liked Peter's absurdity. But I'm a sucker for blunt and rude characters. I also love that despite the fact that I knew what was coming, when it eventually did come, I still wept and put the book aside and wept so that was good writing John Green.